We can email your gift certificate to you in PDF format, that way you can print it out or we can send it in the US Mail.



Our gift certificates are the perfect gift, they can be used for any of our upcoming shows all year 'round!

(Reservations need to made in advance for the show with the certificate, via email or phone call)

Purchase your certificate below and let me know which way you would like it sent, via US Mail or PDF via email.  When your special occasion is getting close, the PDF copy can be printed by you and then given as a gift.  We also include extra information for printing, about our show evening, so your gift will be complete!  PDF copies will be emailed to you within 4 hours of purchase.  If you purchase late night, your certificate will be emailed in the morning.


Questions?? Email me at  gerry@calmagic.com 

The gift certificate can be redeemed for any and all of our shows.  Once you have your gift certificate, email us or call to make the reservation arrangements for a future show.  gerry@calmagic.com  or  925-374-0056  (Weds. through Friday 12 noon to 5pm)

We look forward to entertaining you in grand magical style!

Our calendar fills up quickly, so schedule some magic in your life right now! These certificates are for our dinner and show for as many DINNER GUESTS as you would like it made for — printed on special certificate paper that measures 8 and 1/2 inches by 11 inches. This makes a great gift and can be used for any of our upcoming shows. Your guests must call in to schedule their visit (please do not just show up on any given evening.  Show reservations must be made in advance).


Tickets to our show are $79.00 per person. This includes 3 course dinner, all soft drinks with refills, show and sales tax.  

If you need a certificate for more than one person, update the "quantity" you need this for in the next window, for example "two guests" update quantity for two, etc.

Also, you come into our club Wednesday through Saturday and pick up the certificate in person, we are open 12 noon to 5pm.

The gift certificate pictured above.

 Your email will automatically appear in your purchase, this is where your PDF Certificate will be sent to your email.

So here we go, fill in "To and From" and click on add to cart.  You will proceed to the next window to update quantity and proceed to purchase. 

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